To our valued global customers and supply chain providers…

As we navigate through these challenging times, I wanted to reaffirm that GTAT is operating to meet its commercial obligations to you. Our production lines are running and we are following all health and government mandates and protocols. These include appropriate social distancing for necessary employees at our facilities, and enhanced cleaning and sanitizing measures. All GTAT employees able to work remotely are doing so, and they have access to everything needed to maintain normal operations throughout this global health emergency.

We wish all of our customers and providers the very best. We will get through this together.

Greg Knight, President and Chief Executive Officer
GTAT Corporation

GT Advanced Technologies’ silicon carbide material will help accelerate the next generation of power electronics and quicken the adoption of new applications such as EV, Photovoltaics, 5G, IoT, and data centers. Any ‘power electronics’ application will typically demand circuits capable of handling high power and high temperature while being very small and lightweight. This is the fundamental advantage of SiC over Si.

  • Tier 1 quality 6-inch (150 mm) crystal with fewer than 0.5 micropipes per sq. cm and a target usable height of better than 25 mm
  • Crystal experts, precision equipment design and control, and proven supply chain result in fast capacity expansion and lower costs
  • Guaranteed supply options

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