Our patented Tube Filaments are a revolutionary new technology for the polysilicon industry. Used with any Siemens CVD reactor, Tube Filaments replace standard filaments to deliver dramatic improvements in both productivity and energy consumption – while improving reliability – all of which adds up to multi-dollar per kilogram savings with NO capital expense required. The unique design of our Tube Filaments maximizes the surface area available for silicon growth from the very start of the deposition cycle. This increases production capacity by greater than 30% while using 20% less electricity to achieve the same final rod diameter as normal production.

We manufacture and sell Tube Filaments directly to polysilicon producers in commercial volumes of all sizes.


Features and Highlights

The result of years of development and testing, Tube Filaments deliver multi dollar/kilogram reduction in COGS without requiring equipment modifications or capital expenditure. Key features include:

30% capacity increase

20% reduction in energy consumption

Usable in GT’s CVD reactors as well as all other brands

Stable hairpin design allows for use of tall filaments

Eliminates melt out in larger diameter rods

Eliminates stresses that cause standing rod breakage

No power supply modifications needed

No CAPEX required

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Estimated Savings Calculator

Tube Filaments can reduce your production costs by

$/per kg

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    specific savings your company can realize with our Tube Filament

This estimated savings calculator is based on the expected performance of the tube filaments and certain assumptions regarding throughput, energy consumption, yields, process improvements and the operating conditions of the equipment, including maintenance, utilities, quality of raw materials and operator familiarity with the process conditions. In addition, the estimated savings calculator makes numerous assumptions regarding key variables including but not limited to future selling prices, raw material costs, CVD process conditions, filament size, and operational expenditures; all of which may significantly vary from the assumptions made in this analysis. Accordingly, the foregoing analysis is not a guaranty of performance and actual results will depend, in large part, on such operating conditions, the manner in which the equipment is operated.