Trichlorosilane (TCS) Production

Our high volume hydrochlorination solution is capable of producing enough trichlorosilane (TCS) from a single hydrochlorination fluid bed reactor (FBR) system to support a 12,500 MTA polysilicon facility. This hydrochlorination solution lowers the cost of ownership for a high volume polysilicon production facility by millions of dollars because of lower capital costs when compared to facilities utilizing a multiple FBR approach. The CAPEX reduction eliminates the cost of the second FBR as well as other equipment, piping, structure, valves, and instruments. The single hydrochlorination FBR system also minimizes the complexity of construction management, as fewer resources are required to construct a single hydrochlorination FBR process.

With 25 hydrochlorination systems currently operational, and one more in the commissioning phase, our designed and installed TCS systems support more than half of the world’s TCS demand for polysilicon production.

Advanced Trim Heating (ATH) System

The Advanced Trim Heating (ATH) System generates the optimal temperature within a hydrochlorination fluid bed reactor (FBR) by heating the process gas prior to FBR entry. The ATH system is extremely flexible and can be designed to easily integrate into a customer’s existing hydrochlorination operation helping to debottleneck the TCS production process or it can be designed to completely replace the existing electrical heaters in construction of a new hydrochlorination facility.

TCS Purification System

TCS produced in the hydrochlorination process must be purified before it is suitable as feedstock to the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactors. Our production-proven TCS purification system combines various separation technologies to reliably produce the highest grade TCS. The TCS purification system is capable of removing impurities such as boron, phosphorous, and metals to the sub-part-per-billion impurity level, yielding electronics-grade TCS.

Bundled Deliverables Include:
  • Basic engineering package (BEP)
  • Key equipment
  • Safety systems
  • On-site training and technical support during commissioning, start-up, and production ramp

Features and Highlights

Trichlorosilane (TCS) Production:

>25 conversion

>90% on-line time

Electricity usage <0.3 kW-hr/kg TCS produced

Total net energy usage ~0.6 kW-hr/kg TCS produced

Annual capacity up to 12,500 MTA polysilicon equivalent from a single FBR

Advanced Trim Heating (ATH) System:

Design allows for continuous, high temperature operation in comparison to traditional systems

Easily integrates into existing process

Attractive alternative to debottlenecking existing hydrochlorination operation

Improves TCS conversion by as much as 10% over baseline operation

TCS Purification System:

>90% On-line time

~0 kW-hr/kg* Steam consumption

<0.5 kW-hr/kg of Si Total energy use

Electronics-grade TCS Purity

*GT’s TCS Purification System uses steam produced from CVD heat recovery process.

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