Our patented, new Continuous Cz Feeder offers manufacturers of monocrystalline silicon wafers greater throughput capacity and lower costs – while producing a superior product. The innovative Continuous Cz Feeder process increases throughput by 15%, crystal yield by 10% and lowers operating cost by 15% compared with current batch Cz pullers. The continuous feeding process allows the Gallium dopant to be fed along with the polysilicon throughout the production cycle. This enables manufacturers to produce longer ingots with even resistivity throughout the length of the ingot, which increases yields, a key factor that helps lower the cost of mono wafers. Our Continuous Cz Feeder process solves the problem of light induced degradation (LID), a common problem associated with solar cells fabricated on boron doped p-type mono silicon wafers. Replacing boron with gallium solves the LID issue and eliminates the loss of cell efficiency due to LID. The Continuous Cz Feeder can be integrated with all high volume Cz furnaces currently in production.


Features and Highlights

Gallium/Phosphorus doping with tunable resistivity target & uniform distribution

Higher average cell efficiency

No additional cell process tuning for different wafer resistivity

Reduced cell binning requirement for module production

15% higher production throughput

10% higher yields

15% lower operating costs

Supports pulling ingots of increased length without needing larger crucible and hotzone

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