Next Generation Silicon Carbide Material

A complete SiC solution that delivers low-cost, high quality material for the growing power electronics industry.

Complete Solutions For Producing Low-Cost, Silicon Carbide Material

Global adoption of silicon carbide semiconductors is being fueled by the growth of new markets such as electronic vehicles and renewable energy. Leveraging our deep expertise in crystal growth technologies, we have developed a complete silicon carbide solution to deliver low-cost, high quality SiC material to meet the needs of product and device manufacturers in the power electronics industry.

Lower Cost Bulk Crystal Material

Our SiClone 200™ furnace is a highly scalable platform capable of producing six-inch SiC boules that lower the cost of bulk crystal material.

Improved SiC Crystal Quality

Better material quality means higher yields and greater return on investment.

Complete SiC Solutions

We provide a complete SiC production solution including furnace, recipe, hot zone and service.