LAOS Sapphire is recognized for being the premium crystal material for sapphire optics and sapphire lenses

GTAT has developed a special class of sapphire crystals called LAOS (Low Absorption Optical Sapphire), used for precision sapphire windows, sapphire lenses and sapphire filters. This material has shown the lowest absorption of all commercial sapphire materials available on a worldwide basis.


LAOS high-performance sapphire lens material was developed to address the high energy fluence requirements of High Energy Laser (HEL) windows and other critical, low absorption optical applications. This sapphire lens material is manufactured in a proprietary process which eliminates almost all intrinsic photon absorption in the bulk sapphire material. The material has been tested with Photothermal Common-path Interferometry and has shown less than 25 ppm of bulk absorption at 1064 nm. LAOS is offered with superior crystal lattice structure with refractive index in the 0.02 PV range. LAOS is ultra-high purity and is ideally suited for UV applications where solarization affects other sapphire materials. LAOS material can be optimized for different wavelengths of interest in the spectral range of 250 nm to 4.5 microns.


LAOS193 Sapphire

LAOS193 sapphire is specifically optimized for sapphire optics operating at or below 250 nm. This specialty material outperforms all other sapphire optics in the UV and EUV regimes.

LAOS193 sapphire optics transmit light below 250 nm where other sapphire materials have a sharp absorption band centered at 220 nm. This low bulk absorption sapphire optical material has extremely uniform optical homogeneity so optics of 1/40th wave are possible. If your optical sapphire application calls for material working below 250 nm then LAOS193 should be considered as a solution.


Attributes of LAOS and LAOS193

  • Bulk absorption < 25 ppm/cm @ 1064
  • Refractive index homogeneity in the 0.02 PV range
  • 1/40th wave PV wave fronts
  • Ultra-high purity
  • Low thermal optic coefficient (dn/dt)
  • Wide spectral range of 190 nm to 5500 nm
  • Solarization resistant
  • Large C-plane (non-birefringent) sizes up to 12” diameter

Hemex™ Grade

HEMEX is the highest grade of HEM Sapphire produced with optical homogeneity measured at 0.02 PV.

Hemex grade is offered in either LAOS or LAOS193. This means that you can take advantage of the low absorption properties of LAOS for applications above 250 nm or LAOS193 for applications below 250 nm. Both classes are offered with HEMEX homogeneity in the 0.02 PV range without light scatter or inclusions.


LAOS and LAOS193 are operating on the International Space Station, advanced gravitational wave interferometers and other leading-edge technology platforms. High Energy Lasers utilize LAOS because of the low absorption requirements at 1064 nm, low dn/dt and high purity levels. GTAT’s C-plane sizes of up to 12” diameter with rectangles of 20” x 8” allows you to replace lower performing glass, cleartran and ALON with our high performance sapphire optics.

LAOS material has been shown by third parties to have increased Raman Spectroscopy performance relative to other sapphire suppliers.

LAOS193 is the clear choice for today’s semiconductor applications where leading companies are using it as a sapphire glass replacement. Semiconductor equipment companies will benefit from LAOS193 sapphire optics which are extremely hard, inert to high temperature gasses, thermally shock resistant and have much longer lifetimes than engineered glasses. Sapphire is superior to glass and leading companies are appreciating the improved cost of ownership of LAOS193 sapphire optics and sapphire lenses in the semiconductor fabs.

Specialty HEMEX - Transmitted Wavefront HEMEX Window

Features and Highlights

Maximized transmission below 260nm

UV and VUV optimized

Ultra high purity

Solarization resistant

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