To our valued global customers and supply chain providers…

As we navigate through these challenging times, I wanted to reaffirm that GTAT is operating to meet its commercial obligations to you. Our production lines are running and we are following all health and government mandates and protocols. These include appropriate social distancing for necessary employees at our facilities, and enhanced cleaning and sanitizing measures. All GTAT employees able to work remotely are doing so, and they have access to everything needed to maintain normal operations throughout this global health emergency.

We wish all of our customers and providers the very best. We will get through this together.

Greg Knight, President and Chief Executive Officer
GTAT Corporation

Innovation: From Vision to Value

Our innovative products drive sustained value to customers by improving operational performance and delivering a higher return on investment.

Our Vision


Silicon Carbide: A High-Demand Semiconductor Material

Expanding markets such as EV, 5G telecom, and power electronics recognize that the semiconductors that will drive these new applications are more capable when produced from silicon carbide rather than basic silicon. GTAT is using its decades-long expertise and innovation in crystal growth to rapidly increase the supply of its CrystX™ silicon carbide material for companies that produce wafers for these semiconductors. In addition, GTAT is driving cost lower by using its innovative production techniques to increase yield and quality.


Enabling the Growth of Important Industries

We bring over 40 years of advanced materials expertise to help enable the growth of a new generation of lower-cost and more powerful inverters for the power electronics industry.


Advanced Photonics and Optical Solutions:

Our 40+ years of Sapphire process know how and crystal growth expertise delivers high quality material for a new generation of powerful lasers and optical solutions for a wide range of industries from medical devices, aerospace and defense, and other commercial applications.

Innovation – It’s What We Do

As a global technology leader, our innovative products drive the success of our customers. We are building a high performing team that is passionate about developing a new generation of products for the growing global solar, power electronics and photonics markets. The value we bring to our customers gives them an advantage in these highly competitive industries by improving the quality of materials and lowering the cost of manufacturing.