Advanced Materials for the
Power Electronics, Optical & Laser Markets

Our Advanced Materials Group (AMG) has been producing the world’s largest sapphire crystals for over 40 years using the HEM process. Our Silicon Carbide crystal experts are producing low-cost, high quality SiC material with our second generation crystal growth process.

Enhance the Performance of Your Optical or Laser Applications With the World’s Finest Sapphire Crystals

Our Advanced Sapphire Materials Group (ASMG) delivers advanced solutions for the changing needs of today’s technology leaders in lasers, aerospace and semiconductor markets. For over 40 years, we have developed advanced means of producing unique characteristics in sapphire, assessing the subsequent quality and attributes and then correlating these characteristics to the end-user requirements for sophisticated applications. We are the world’s leading supplier of HEM Ti:Sapphire and low absorption optical sapphire (LAOS).

HEM Sapphire

Pioneering the heat exchanger method (HEM) sapphire growth process, we are the world’s leading producer of high quality sapphire crystal.

Ti: Sapphire

Better material quality means higher yields and greater return on investment.

LAOS Sapphire

We offer a wide range of low absorption optical sapphire (LAOS) for applications where minimal photon absorption is critical.

Materials and Pricing

GTAT’s ASMG Group is the worlds leading supplier of HEM Ti Sapphire and low absorption optical sapphire (LAOS). View our catalogue for common size and price specifications.