Advanced Sapphire Material for the Photonics Industry

From large sapphire windows to Ti:Sapphire crystals for advanced laser applications, GT’s Advanced Sapphire Materials Group produces a wide range of sapphire crystal for photonics applications demanding the highest quality sapphire material.

Advanced material, recognized as the highest commercial quality sapphire available on a worldwide basis with proven excellence in optical, mechanical and transmission properties

We are the leading supplier of sapphire produced using the Heat Exchanger Method (HEM). Developed over 40 years of continued process and performance improvements, this proven crystal growth method is known for its ability to control the heat input and heat extraction from the system with no mechanical movement. This precision control produces HEM sapphire in large sizes with highly homogeneous lattice structure and low scatter levels, with optical performance that is unmatched by other sapphire growth processes.

HEM Sapphire

Pioneering the heat exchanger method (HEM) sapphire growth process, we are the world’s leading producer of high quality sapphire crystal.

Ti: Sapphire

Better material quality means higher yields and greater return on investment.

LAOS Sapphire

We offer a wide range of low absorption optical sapphire (LAOS) for applications where minimal photon absorption is critical.

Sapphire Materials Pricing

GTAT’s ASMG Group is the worlds leading supplier of HEM Ti Sapphire and low absorption optical sapphire (LAOS). View our catalogue for common size and price specifications.