Our technical innovations accelerate the use of advanced materials, enabling a new generation of products across this diversified set of global markets.

Our Vision

Our core crystalline growth expertise in silicon carbide and sapphire deliver sustained value to the world’s top manufacturers in the power electronics and photonics markets. Our innovative technologies and industry experience drive the development and commercialization of products that elevate performance, improve quality and lower manufacturing costs.


GTAT has decades of experience in crystalline growth, including Ti:sapphire and silicon carbide materials. Its focus is on delivering materials that meet specific performance, volume, and cost objectives for commercial and aerospace/government applications.


Innovative materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) will fuel and transform global economies in ways we can only imagine. We will see new generations of electric vehicles and more capable 5G networks sooner and more affordably thanks to GTAT’s focus on innovation, quality, and cost-effectiveness.


From purchase to product lifecycle support, our operational excellence and service sophistication is unmatched. This means we can respond quickly and efficiently to customers so they can meet their business requirements with confidence and support them as their businesses grow.

History of Success

  • GT develops first silicon carbide sublimation furnace.

  • Introduces DSS silicon crystal growth furnace (today, over 3800 DSS units supplied to the market)

  • Introduces SDR (today, over 400 units supplied to the market, about 1/3rd of the global polysilicon comes from GT’s CVD's)

  • Hydrochlorination technology package introduced (today ~1/2 of the global polysilicon produced is made from GT’s technology).

  • GT enters optical sapphire market.

  • GT achieves success in producing 4-inch SiC boules

  • Develops gen 2 SiClone™ silicon carbide furnace.

  • Achieves repeatable process for producing 6-inch SiC boules.

  • GTAT opens new silicon carbide facility for 6-inch (150mm) boules and pivots from equipment to advanced materials.

  • Introduces 6-inch (150mm) CrystX® silicon carbide.

  • GTAT signs a long-term supply agreement with Global Wafers Co. of Taiwan for CrystX® silicon carbide.

  • GTAT is ISO 9001:2015 certified with TÜV Rheinland of North America.

  • GTAT signs long-term supply agreements with ON Semiconductor and Infineon for CrystX® silicon carbide.


We are building a high performing team with the drive and passion to develop a new generation of products for the growing global solar, power electronics and photonics markets.