Delivering Sustained Value To Our Customers

Crystal materials that improve operational performance and competitiveness to win in the global marketplace

Crystal Materials

Our crystal materials expertise and process know-how improve yields, increase volume, and lower cost.

True System-Level Advantages

Our SiC strategy is to increase the global supply of this high-demand material while driving costs down. The system-level advantages of this approach to the rapidly-growing EV industry are significant.


Increase your competitiveness with innovative crystal materials that deliver value today and into the future.

Products That Help Drive Your Success In the Global Marketplace

Our products and services address a wide range of applications in the global power electronics and photonics markets.

Making History

GTAT is at the forefront of technical innovation for advanced materials such as silicon carbide and high-purity sapphire.

Our heritage in building advanced crystal-growth systems allows us to produce these high-demand materials in volume, at very high quality, and with an aggressive cost-down roadmap.

In 2017 we developed a breakthrough process for producing six-inch (150mm) silicon carbide boules. In 2018 we opened a brand-new production facility for SiC and began volume shipments from there in 2019. We also achieved ISO-9001:2015 certification in 2019. Global industries understand that a robust and affordable supply of silicon carbide is necessary for emerging applications such as EV, 5G, and IoT.

Our sapphire production capabilities are following this same trajectory, providing defense and government applications with highly pure, large-form-factor material for applications such as high energy lasers, aerospace windows and more.

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